Tax Law

Have you fallen behind on your taxes? Are you a business owner who needs advice on whether or not to hire someone as an employee or an independent contractor? Turn to Coastal Law Group for all of your tax-related questions. As an experienced tax attorney, Ryan Williams, Esq. has the skills and knowledge to present customized tax solutions for you. Whether you’re going through an audit, trying to properly structure a business transaction, or need an attorney to speak on your behalf to the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue, rely on Coastal Law Group for help.

No tax situation is going to be the same for every client. If you’ve already heard from the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue, the best thing you can do for yourself and your finances is to react quickly. The longer you wait to speak to a tax attorney, the worse your problems are likely to get. You risk incurring interest and penalties that only get more expensive as more time goes by.